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Readers Testimonials

Epoch Premium Content

Our investigative journalism and in-depth news analysis as well as inspiring stories about life, art, health and food.




Why The Epoch Times

Fair and Factual Reporting

Presenting you with the facts and context - allowing you to make up your own mind.

Covering Issues That Really Matter

On important national issues, and US and China - the world's two biggest economies.

Rooted in Traditional Values

Chasing the truth tirelessly in order to uphold a moral society grounded in virtue.

What Readers Say AboutThe Epoch Times

I think your coverage is thoughtful and balanced in a way that I haven't seen elsewhere. And I say this, by the way, as a former senior vice president of CBS News so I know a lot about media and journalism, I would say.

I love reading your outlet. I am a big fan, longtime fan, first time caller! I read you almost every day. I do. I guess it would be a cliche at this point to say I don’t really trust the mainstream media.

Michael Knowles

Political Commentator

Jeff Ballabon

Former SVP, CBS News

The Epoch Times has documented so well on Spygate: this is rigging a criminal case for political purposes.

It's our favorite paper. It's the first one we read. And if I don't get a chance in the hustle and bustle of my day, I hop on a plane, I've got it there for me!

Rep. Paul Gosar

Congressman, Arizona

Luke Rosiak

Investigative Reporter

From Recent Subscribers:

As a subscriber to many national and international newspapers and magazines over the years, I can say without hesitation that your paper is the finest. Flawless writing, with the true facts behind the story where other papers fear to tread.

— Brian Anderson, author, Vancouver

The Epoch Times is professionally produced capturing timely subject  matter of concern to people of all backgrounds and cultures. Of greatest value to me is content about lifestyle and the arts written with flair and style. Its focus on truth and tradition is also of value to a  general reader like me interested in world affairs.

— Cyril Dabydeen, novelist and poet, Ottawa

Epoch Times alone offers superior investigative journalism, especially in-depth information about China, domestic and foreign, unavailable elsewhere. ET articles offer wide-ranging humane and moral perspectives on local and world politics. Bravo!

—Jeffrey Asher, retired Professor of Humanities, Ottawa

The Epoch Times is one of the world’s foremost experts on China, which is critically important today because the giant Communist dictatorship is the foremost threat to the Western free world in the 21st Century. The publication publishes its unique insight into the Chinese Communist Party’s covert plan to destroy the US and its stated aim to dominate the world - thus negating the freedoms, laws, rules, and morals of Western civilization.

— Robert Gilmour, former reporter, Edmonton 

Finally, an extraordinary and sophisticated condensed world newspaper, The Epoch Times, with both integrity and vital to-the-point information, including articles on organic food, wellness, wisdom, and the arts. Hats off!

—K. Okwo, artist, Vancouver 

Winner of the Society of Professional Journalists and Other Awards

Society of Professional Journalists

Society for News Design

New York Press Association

2012 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Excellence in Journalism— Non-Deadline Reporting, “The Atrocity of Forced, Live Organ Harvesting in China”

Award of Excellence— Dining Features, Food 

Award of Excellence— Feature Design Page, Arts

John J. Evans Award for Advertising Excellence—Top Honors 

Richard L. Stein Award for Overall Design Excellence—First Place Photographic Excellence—First Place

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